So... You're Retired

My husband is slowly going crazy. I retired last June for various reasons. Health issues and care for our grandchildren getting top billing. That said, he's extremely jealous that I am now retired and he has to still work for another five years. (Maybe two and a half if our mortgage is paid off - which is our goal)

He makes loads of comments about how I'm 'not working', so I decided to follow myself today. Give you a bird's eye view of how I fill my time now that I'm not working 9-5

  • 0800 - wake up with a nice leisurely stretch. Still can't believe I can sleep past 0630
  • 0830 - head downstairs and make coffee. Feed the cats (3 - don't ask) their soft kitty food and make sure they get their treats. Head downstairs to clean kitty litter, vacuum up the debris around their litter boxes, and fill the empty bowls with new hard cat food.
  • 0850 - empty the dishwasher. Do some light housework (dusting, straightening, water plants)
  • 0900 - log onto my computer. Check e-mails, social media and pay bills on-line.
  • 1000 - start writing. Am working on Book Two of my Welcome to Ravenwood Series
  • 1200 - call Honda and make appointments for the car.
  • 1210 - shopping for groceries and fill the car with gas.
  • 1240 - arrive home and unload groceries.
  • 1300 - Prepare and bake a cake.
  • 1330 - I have an hour while the cake bakes and attempt to get back into the writing mood.
  • 1430 - Remove the cake from oven and place on cooling rack.
  • 1445 - head to school and wait for grandkids to be released for the day
  • 1550 - everybody is loaded in the CRV and we start back home.
  • 1550 - arrive home, provide grandkids with a nutritious snack.
  • 1600 - Start preparing supper. Must have the grandkids fed and homework done by 1730 when their mother comes to pick them up
  • 1730 - Grandkids are gone for the day. Tidy up, wash/dry dishes that don't go into the dishwasher. Feed the cats, again, check their kitty litter, again.
  • 1800 - Cake has cooled sufficiently to be iced.
  • 1830 - Hubby arrives home from latest trip. We chat about what happened during the four days he was away while I make his supper.
  • 2000 - Survivor is on - need I say more
  • 2100 - check my e-mails again and sneak a peek at Facebook
  • 2130 - Where does the time go? Turn on the dishwasher, grab my Bible and do my devotions.
  • 2200 - Off to bed. Brush my teeth. Wash my face. Lights out.

Whew! I'm so glad I'm not working.....

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