It's been so long since I've done a snippet, I almost forgot how.
Today I'm sharing from Gretchen's Song, Book Two ~ Welcome to Ravenwood.

She fell in love with Rafe Crawford at the age of thirteen.
Blocked from entering the school by a group of boys who demanded a kiss as payment to enter, she’d clutched her books and stood there mute. When Joey Campbell grabbed her arm, she squeezed her eyes shut, opening them to the sound of shouts and skin meeting skin.
The first thing she saw was Rafe standing over Joey, his knuckles reddening. She didn’t know if the color was from a punch, or from the copious amounts of blood spurting from Joey’s nose. Already topping out over six feet, the eighteen year old looked like an avenging angel as he glowered down at Joey.
“Stay away from Gretchen,” he snarled. “Touch her again, and I won’t stop at your face.”
From that moment on, her tender heart was his – and he never knew. The very next week, following his graduation, he joined the army with her eldest brother, Morgan and was shipped off to Afghanistan.

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