Welcome to my Weekend Writing Warrior post. Last week I tweeted "what happens when you get your sister hopping mad" and then posted my yummy Laird Craven scene. *sigh* That's what happens when you get a new toy (a program that allows me to set up some posts a week in advance). I knew I'd be busy with Top Gun signing papers for our new house, and... the rest is history.

So, without further ado, I give you the scene from Man of Her Dreams where Lindsay and Jared have been caught making out in the lake (fully clothed) by her brother and most of the slow pitch team.
Her brother, Nick berates her in front of everyone and Lindsay blows a gasket.

This selection has been modified slightly to meet the 10 line requirement. Enjoy.

She stalked up to him and poked a wrinkled, blue finger into his chest.
"Who do you think you are?" Poke.
"I'm a perfectly functioning adult female, past the age of consent." Poke
"I seem to remember you and Tina spending a night up at Snake Hill and did I tell anybody about that?" Poke.
"Uhh...you just did."
She stopped for a moment and looked around at the team and Jared. Oh bother, no one was supposed to know about that; she'd pinkie swore to Tina she'd take it to the grave.

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Here is the expanded version of my selection.

Lindsay broke through the water’s surface a few seconds ahead of Jared. She treaded in place and watched as he shook water off his face, then placed one hand on his shoulder, the other on the top of his head and pushed him beneath the surface again.

She kicked away and swam as fast as her wet clothes would allow towards a natural sloping in the rocks where it was easy to exit the lake. A cold, firm hand on her ankle stopped her mid-stroke.

Laughing and sputtering, she swallowed more water than should be allowed and tried to kick away, but he kept a tight hold. Hand over hand he dragged himself up her leg, his penetrating gaze never leaving her face.

“That was a very naughty thing to do, Miss Swanson.” His voice, low and exceedingly sexy sounding, sent a thrill through her. They’d reached shallow enough water that he could stand, but she still had to tread water. He snagged a finger in her belt loop and pulled her toward him.

Expecting him to dunk her beneath the water, she gasped when he cupped her face and captured her mouth in a blistering hot kiss. She forgot all about the icy cold water and wrapped her arms around his neck, all thoughts of escape dissipating.

Their tongues danced around each other and he cupped her buttocks, hitching her up so she could wrap her legs around his midsection. Slowly he walked toward the rock, never taking his mouth from hers.

“You are driving me to distraction,” he murmured against her lips.

“You talk too much.” She tunneled her fingers through his wet hair and pulled his mouth back to hers.

She hadn’t been looking for love, and certainly never expected her hopes to be hitched to the boy next door, but here she was, floating in ice cold water never wanting the moment to end.

“Don’t mind us. We’re just going to have a marshmallow roast.”

She and Jared broke away from one another. That was Nick’s voice. What was he doing here? She paddled out so she could see over the rock shelf and inwardly died from embarrassment. Not only was Nick grinning down at them, but almost half the slow pitch team. His surprised gaze caught hers and his lips thinned when he saw who was in the water. Or, to be more specific, whom she was kissing in the water.

Uh oh. The group hadn’t known whom they’d stumbled upon and Nick was about to go into big brother mode. He was only a year older than her, not that he cared at this exact moment, if his thunderous look was anything to go by.

They scrambled up the embankment and stood, dripping wet as the team went back by the logs, acting as though they weren’t about to witness a major blow up. Jared gave a curt nod to Nick and then strode off toward the logs and their gear.

Lindsay twisted the hem of her tee shirt, trying to stop the heavy drip into her already soaked shoes.

“It’s bad enough you played tonsil hockey the other night at practice, but geez, Lins – I thought you had more brains in your head than this.”

She’d been wet. She’d been cold. She’d been a little embarrassed at being caught in a heated moment by her brother. She’d even felt a teensy bit of remorse, but to be chastened by her less than perfect brother in front of everyone sent her over the edge.

She stalked up to him and poked a wrinkled, blue finger into his chest.

“Who do you think you are?” Poke.

“I’m a perfectly functioning adult female, past the age of consent.” Poke.

With each poke Nick took a step backward.

“I seem to remember you and Tina spending the night at Snake Hill. Did I tell anybody about that?” Poke.

“Uh… you just did.”

She stopped for a moment and looked around at the team and Jared. Oh bother, no one was supposed to know about that. She’d pinkie swore to Tina she’d take it to the grave.

“I’m sorry, but I’m mad.”

“It’s okay.” Nick stopped his retreat, but her finger came back into action.

“You have no right to where I kiss, or how often I kiss. You also have no right when I like those kisses a lot.” Poke. Poke.

She lowered her hand. They’d reached the edge of the log circle. Someone had started a fire and Jared sat near it on a log, by himself. Everybody else stood across from him, clearly not wanting to get on Nick’s bad side.

“Oh for Pete’s sake.” She stomped over to Jared, grabbed the towel out of her bag and sat beside him, glaring at everyone around the circle. “Get a set of balls. You’d think I was a child.”

Jared bumped her shoulder and said in a low voice, “You like my kisses.”

She half-turned toward him. “That’s all you got out of this? I like your kisses?”

“Well, yeah. That one kind of stood out.”
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