Welcome to my weekly post for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, where all of us who are slogging in the writing trenches come up for air and share a brief snippet of what we're working on.

I've shared from my WIP - Man of Her Dreams, and WIP - FiancĂ© for Hire, but did you know I was also writing a paranormal/time travel historical romance? <-- say that five times fast.
When I get frustrated with my contemporary folk I take a trip to Scotland-circa 1605 and visit Laird Craven and his wife, Lady Evelyn.

I hope you enjoy this week's selection where Lady Evelyn has entered her bed chamber and discovers Laird Craven bathing in front of the fire. She demands to know why he's there and then has to close her eyes as he rises from the tub....
"Do ye remember when the old priest came out to welcome us?"
He prowled around her, smelling fresh, clean and....very Male. She stepped back and bumped into a wall, her breath quickening at the realization she was trapped.
"As ye ken, poor Father Cleirigh canna speak a word of English and relied on me to translate."
Evelyn knew that, but why did he bring this up now?
"Ye'll also remember I told ye the good Father asked if ye were in want of a good night's rest and warm food."
She did and recalled that she'd answered 'Aye', strangely pleased when the priest smiled a broad, almost toothless grin.
"What ye dinna realize - me Lady - the good Father had just recited marriage vows and ye most readily said 'Aye' to being my wife."
Her eyes flew open and she gasped. Craven stood in front of her, strong arms braced against the wall, boxing her in.

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  1. Ha! I do believe the lassie's been hornswoggled. :-)

    Delightful snippet, Sue!

  2. Oh dear, she's definitely in trouble now. Nothing like a man manipulating her into marriage. Good snippet, Sue. :)

  3. Doesn't sound like a good start to a marriage...

  4. What the hell! That guy is seriously lame, not even trying to wo her or something.

  5. It was 1605 - he didn't have to woo her.... however, it wouldn't be a good love story if he didn't try to win her love - would it?

  6. Well, that is one way to get married. LOL!!! Great snippet. :)

  7. oops, a little fact it might have been nice if he had translated for her! It seems he made his mind up to have her, hope she will soon want him just as much but I am sure there will be a bit of protest first. Good snippet, very humorous and engaging.

  8. What the hell? I hope that he had a dang good reason besides wanting to bed her in an honorable way? Great set-up for conflict!!!!!

  9. Oh, I LOVE that! Really an enjoyable snippet and many fun complications to come in the future, no doubt.

  10. Quite the turn of events, isn't it? I like how you use the dialect to make the dialogue sound authentic.
    Welcome aboard the Snippet Sunday train...

  11. HA! Well there's an even bigger hitch in her night then the man bathing in front of a fire. Lovely snippet, and welcome to the group!

    1. You would be right. Lady Evelyn will travel 500 years to the future and then 500 years back - all to fulfill a prophesy uttered millennia ago... Fasten your seatbelt. It's going to be a bumpy ride.....


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