I thought I'd take a break from Man of Her Dreams and bring you a snippet from my novella, coming out this Christmas - Fiancé for Hire

Never tell a bold faced lie - unless you can follow through with flawless precision....

Kristen Wainwright was dumped in the most humiliating way possible and to add insult to injury, her ex-boyfriend has taken up with the office mean queen. Unable to tolerate the snide comments and subtle insults Kristen, in a moment of weakness, tells Janine that 'yes, she's coming to the Christmas gala' and 'yes, she's bringing someone - her new fiancé'.

Now all she has to do is find one. How hard can that be?

Here is my excerpt: *Author Note* Stanley is Kristen's one-eyed cat.

"And where did you meet this Stanley?" Carter asked, his eyes narrowing.
I crossed my fingers behind my back and said carefully, "I met him a few years ago and we...ummmm...sort of hit it off, so he moved in with me.
"I presume he meets all points of your 'perfect man' checklist?"
"Nooo....not really, he doesn't have blue eyes, in fact his one eye is green."
"One eye?"
"Yes," I sighed. "He lost the other one in a fight."
"Does he fight often, your Stanley?"
"Not so much anymore, he mostly lays about, waiting to be fed."

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Fiance For Hire is up on Wattpad, in the #JustWriteIt / #Wattys2015 contest. If you'd like to read more, click on the link and remember - if you like my story - please vote!  Thanks.


  1. Typical cat, eh? But I bet she can make him purr!

  2. I just love how stiff and put out Carter gets at the thought of a competitor.

    1. Oh yes, his back is up for sure. Much like a tom-cat, don't you think?

  3. Loved it, very humorous conversation. Great snippet!


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